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David Aylwin Speed Reading courses

David Aylwin, the founder of Reading Transformations Ltd , who has been training in this subject for over 25 years. Clients include Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Freshfields, Toyota, Grant Thornton, ACAS, DEFRA, UK Ministry of Defence and many others.


Here's what people say about us...

“At long last I think I am going to complete my studies thanks to your remarkable course”  
P.Throwley,  MBA Student

“Without doubt, one of the most effective training courses I have ever encountered.  Thank you very much.” 
Karen Smart, Solicitor

“I had no idea that my reading speeds could improve so much AND allow me to take in and remember so much more.”   
Ken Potter, IT Manager.

“We should have been taught these skills years ago at school. It would have saved so much time and enabled me to get through everything so much faster.  Luckily it is never too late to learn! ”
Leslie Mann, HR Manager

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Fast Effective Speed Reading - a skill we all need

Most of us haven't developed our reading skills since the age of 5! Our reading age may have changed but the way we read has; It is still based on what we taught as a child. As a result, we are under-skilled to cope with all we should read in our jobs or studies.

A practical Speed Reading course that gets results - now online. offers a new and unique speed reading training course in Fast Effective Reading, delivered online directly from the web, from your corporate server or intranet. Once installed, it could be accessed by anyone in your organisation.

In less than 3 hours, your learners will:

  1. double, even treble their reading speeds permanently
  2. train their minds to concentrate better
  3. understand and retain more
  4. develop a variety of speeds to maximise their reading time

All from the convenience of their own desks. They can return to the speed reading course many times.

Bad Habits!

Many suffer from some classic bad reading habits, for example:

  1. often lose concentration when reading
  2. have too much to read in too little time, suffer from "Information Overload"
  3. have to frequently re-read texts
  4. easily forget what's been read

Problems Solved!

This unique server-based course can solve or significantly reduce these problems, leading to less stressed and more productive employees.

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